Equinox Performances

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Note: This web site commemorates Equinox, which performed actively from 1994 - 2006.  Equinox is not currently available for performance.

Want to Have Equinox Perform for You? 

Equinox  can be booked for a variety of different types of performances: 

  • Full-length Concerts 
  • Shorter Concerts 
  • Fund-raisers and benefits 

Equinox is available for full-length concerts; usually two 50-minute sets with an intermission.  Shorter concerts are also possible.

Equinox will waive a portion of the concert fee or perform on a percentage basis to benefit causes the group supports. 

Staging Requirements: 

  • Piano/keyboard optional, but recommended for full-length concerts 
  • Stage area to accommodate 7 performers and instruments 
  • Sound system is optional for smaller venues, allowing for a "no-tech" production