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Note: This web site commemorates Equinox, which performed actively from 1994 - 2006.   Our two recordings are available here

Equinox  is a 7-voice performing ensemble with an eclectic repertoire.  Their music features both a capella pieces as well as songs accompanied by keyboard, strings, horns, flute and percussion. 

The music of Equinox  crosses a wide range of musical styles and eras, with an emphasis on folk and original music by local songwriters and their own members.  Songs range in mood from gentle and haunting to raucous and humorous.  Whether it's the close harmonies of vocal jazz, a Hebrew folk song or Zulu spiritual, or a piece composed by Equinox  group members, listeners have been touched by the blend, harmony and spirit of Equinox.   

The Equinox  repertoire celebrates the environment, life, love and the diversity of human experience. 


Quotes from Equinox  Audiences:  

 "Exquisite blend and harmony."  

"The audience was positively levitating in their seats!"  

 "The world needs to hear this music."  

"Exciting, fresh and unique."  

 "I was in tears it was so beautiful."  

 "Great personal as well as musical integrity."  

"Loving, thoughtful and playful."